Two Tickets… for England

Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. — Ibn Battuta



Welcome to Two Tickets…for Gio and Me!

I’ll take this time to share a little about us and our adventures that are about to unfold. We’re an American couple about to move from Sunny Southern California to the sprawling, green English Countryside. We love swing dancing, Disneyland, vintage markets, working on our Etsy shop (Humphrey and Me) and exploring. While Gio has lived all over the world with the military, I haven’t lived outside California (save for one short summer I spent in small town Minnesota swimming in lakes and interning, and cutting my teeth as a designer at an awesome nonprofit). But alas… here we are, six weeks away from being full blown American expats in England.

Now… before you panic (I’m looking at you family), we’re using the term “expat” lightly in this blog. Now a days it’s more colloquially used to just describe someone living outside their country and not necessarily someone who is forever leaving their homeland. In fact, google dictionary’s first definition of the term is “a person who lives outside their native country.”  So not to worry, we’ll return to beautiful Southern California when our time in England/Europe is through.

But I digress… as I was saying, we’re six weeks away from moving halfway around the world to start a shiny and brand new chapter of our lives and I think this blog is going to be a perfect way to share our adventures with all of our friends back home. Gio and I don’t simply plan to stay home while we live in England, we fully anticipate traveling as much as work and finances allow. We already have trips to France ( Fall Dapper Day at Disneyland Paris!) and Italy (Cinque Terre!!) in the books and we haven’t even left yet. I’ll also chronicle events we attend (we love the theatre and definitely want to see shows in London) and vintage marketplaces we find (since ultimately… we’d love to fill our home with even more antiques). We’re also hoping to find a great vintage and swing dance scene in the Cambridgeshire area that we can call our own.

So come along with us, we’d love to have you on this journey!

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