New Year, New Domain, Big Dreams

New year, New Name,
Welcome Fernweh Findings

“I’m not sure when it’s time to stop saying Happy New Year…so… Happy New Year.” My wonderful yoga teacher, Sam said with a grin as she greeted us for the first yoga class of the 2019. And I guess she’s right… when do we stop saying “Happy New year”? When do we stop chasing those dreams and resolutions and we so proudly declare in that week between December 25 and December 31? For us this year, hopefully it’s never.

We feel like we’re on top of the world when we’re adventuring. Here we are, literally on top of The City, on the London Eye just before Christmas.

This year’s a big one for us. As you know by now (or if you’re just joining us), 2018 brought the biggest change of our married lives as we packed up everything we owned and moved halfway across the world to England. And we adventured a lot in 2018, visiting 11 countries (including England) in just over seven months. But this year, we hope to surpass that number. We also want to grow this blog, and bring more photos, tips and stories to you as we live this crazy expat life.

The first place to start on growing the blog, we decided would be to purchase a domain name. We rebranded a couple months back, determining that “two tickets for Gio and Me,” while in fact, true, was an awful mouthful to tell people about. Our new name, in case you missed it, is Fernweh Findings (remember I love alliteration) and the old links still work should you have them saved somewhere, but you can also find us now at

We hope that this new year brings you laughter, love, joy and most of all, adventure! And if you find you can’t make time for your own adventures, we’d love for you to come along with us on ours!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! Hope you are enjoying your time in the UK! Sounds like you’ve been a lot of interesting places! 🙂


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