Quarantine Check-in and What to do when you’ve finished the internet

It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don’t know everything.

Alexander McCall Smith

What’s your quarantine mantra? I took a photo of this quote on the wall in a hotel in Edinburgh and stumbled upon it while looking for travel photos to post to Instagram. It seemed appropriate at the time but it’s even more pertinent now.

I’ve found my approach to the “ignorance is bliss” way of life regarding the whole DWSHBN situation has really helped my mental health. Staying away from facebook and constant news articles that may or may not be the truth or may or may not have terribly inflamed headlines makes life a little bit sweeter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still struggling here and there with life in lockdown, but overall, we’ve settled into a decent routine. I’ve got different workout classes each day, live ones to keep me on a schedule. I’ve been teaching myself to quilt and have joined a small virtual sewing circle with a couple expat friends. I’ve had some design commissions to keep me creative and add a little money to the future travel fund. So generally speaking, we’re doing all right on the farm.

But what about you? Have you settled into a nice routine or are you going stir crazy? Have you “finished” Netflix and are pondering what to do next? I know there are 1001 blogs out there telling you what to do with your time, but in case you haven’t read them all and are still wondering what to do with the remaining days of quarantine (hopefully fewer ahead of us than behind), I thought I’d share.

Start a crafting group with your friends.

Source supplies from local craft stores if possible (Escape and Create and Backstitch are two great ones local to us and both are still shipping), but Amazon is always a good source. Pick a project for you all to make and schedule a weekly call where you video call and work together. For our group we’ve decided to learn English Paper Piecing and are making a mug rug. It’s been a great time to chat and catch up while feeling productive at the same time. Video lets us ask questions to each other and see how each of our projects are turning out.

Have a game night.

Our friends back home bought a couple JackBox packs of games and we were able to have a zoom game night last weekend. It was so great to place games together again. All you need is a video call screen and cell phones to answer the questions on. It was so great to interact with our friends in a different way than just a regular call. It did make me a little more homesick than usual since it was a reminder of how much fun we used to have on game nights in Corona, but it was still a really great time. We can’t wait until our next one. If you’re a 90s kid like me you might also recognize the announcers voice. Jackbox games are made by the same people who made the great You Don’t Know Jack trivia games from the 90s. In fact, if you’re on a PC (sorry Mac users) you can download the old 90s games. Those ones can’t be played virtually, but might still be fun for the family you’re stuck with in the house.

Movie night with the UK.

If you’ve been following my on instagram and watching my stories you’ll know that I LOVE the Everyman Theatre chain and their Saturday night movie nights. Each week they choose a movie to watch that is available via several different sources (you tube, amazon, etc) and everyone tunes in at exactly 830 pm. It’s like a giant house party… at your own house. Make sure if you participate to post it on your stories and tag Everyman. They love to hear from their participants. Follow EveryMan Cinemas on social media to stay up to day on Saturday Movie Nights.

Take live workout classes.

I am a big proponent of live classes. I find that keeps you accountable as to the time you spend working out. If you’re like me, I can’t be bothered to make my own work out and do it. Finding time to make myself do something every day is hard. But if there’s a live class and a teacher expecting to see me (shout out to Sara, Rachel, Julie and Sam), then I’m there. Plus, live classes give you a little more interaction, varying workouts and maybe a laugh or two to keep you going. Another pro for live classes is the fact that you can ask for modifications for your particular body. Our pilates teachers are especially good at this, ensuring that everyone in their classes can get a great work out no matter their level.

Write a letter.

If you find that you have nothing but time on your hands now, take that time and put it onto paper. Emails and messages and snapchats are nice. But there truly isn’t anything like a handwritten letter sent by mail. I used to send cards to my grandfather at least once a month just to say hi and how are you. Now that he’s gone I try to write to his friends and neighbors that cared so much for him. Even if you don’t get a reply, a handwritten letter is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who receive it. Especially if they are older and might not have access to computers or smart phones as readily as we do. Take a moment to send a kind word, I guarantee you’ll feel a little happier once you do.

Brush up on your skills.

I have a minor in Classical Studies (Ancient Greece and Rome) but it’s been so long since I learned about those civilizations, I thought now is the perfect time to brush up on that knowledge. There are tons of free classes to take on Coursera for whatever you want to learn. Or better yet, pay a little and receive a certificate in a subject you’ve always wanted to learn.

Plan a Trip.

No, we can’t actually book flights or hotels right now as that would be a furtive action, but we can plan dream trips. My friend told me once of one of her friends who planned dream trips while she was very pregnant and unable to travel anywhere. If you’re missing travel, maybe do that. Plan dream trips. Do research about what there is to see in different cities, where you could eat and where you should stay. With ideas in place like this, it helps you budget how much you need to save so you can actually take that trip someday in the future.

I could go on and on about different things to keep you busy while you stay at home. But I think this is enough for now. Here’s to hoping life begins to look a little brighter in the near future. But for now, stay home and stay safe.

Sending all my love from the farm. Xx

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