Blogette # 8: Spectacular Sunday Brunch at Heritage London

Whew, what a year. But we’re officially into fall and with the ability to do a some more local things, I think this is a good time to resume my blogette writing. Today, I want to tell you about the SPECTACULAR brunch we had this weekend at Heritage Restaurant on Regent Street in London.

Rewind to about seven months ago when the world hadn’t yet imploded. I blissfully planned my birthday trip with a date at Heritage and a visit to the Victoria and Albert excited for the cheese tasting menu and the V&A’s great fashion exhibits. But as luck would have it, the Monday before my birthday, everything locked down. That meant no trip to London, no V&A and worst of all, no cheese tasting menu.

Fast forward six months and we’ve finally had the time to book my belated birthday trip to London. Luck would have it that it was my exact half birthday. Very merry unbirthday to me!

Sadly for me, when Heritage reopened this summer, the tasting menu had changed and it is no longer as cheese centric as I remember it. Granted, the last time I read that menu was quite a few traumatic months ago. But nevertheless, they still offer a very awesome, very cheese centric Alpine Sunday Brunch. And I tell you guys, it’s probably even better than a dinner with cheese! Brunch at Heritage is £39 for two hours of delicious, unlimited, food and drink but is only from 11 am -4 pm on Sundays, so make sure you get your reservations in!

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and sat in a quiet corner of the modern-industrial designed restaurant. So far, this place was right up my alley. Our waiter explained the menu and let us know that we could have any number of items on the brunch menu that we wanted (other than dessert, I believe, but by the time you get there, you won’t want more than one dessert). There were four categories: Cheese fondue, Rostis, Crepes and dessert. Our waiter informed us that while we may love the cheese fondue, and we are welcome to order more than one pot, we shouldn’t fill up on cheese and bread as there were so many other delicious things to eat. Then, he brought us our drinks, mimosa for me and bloody mary for Tim. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one of the three bottomless drinks, you can try them all if you wish. In fact, after “the best” Bloody Mary he’s ever had, Tim decided to switch to sparkling wine for the duration since he thought that would go better with his sweet treats.

Soon enough, out came the cheese fondue with baby potatoes and bread cubes. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of cheese fondue in my life as it was a staple in my house growing up, but I’ve NEVER eaten it with potatoes. Let me tell you guys, that is going to change! What a revelation!

After the delicious cheesy fondue (that tastes way better than it smells guys, promise), we started in on our rostis. Which is basically, a potato pancake/hashbrown with delicious toppings. I chose the avocado and mushroom one and Tim the cheese and sausage. I traded my large mushroom cap for some sausage and made my own delicious rosti!

After rosti came crepes and the one category where we ordered multiple delicious treats. I was very excited to see the sweet crepe on the menu was nutella, banana, and strawberry, which is my go to crepe. Tim decided to try the ham and cheese crepe but couldn’t get past the idea that crepes should be sweet so he ordered TWO nutella crepes. I too had a second nutella crepe and, along with my free flowing mimosas, was feeling quite full at this time.

But never the less, we forged ahead. There was chocolate fondue in the future! You can choose whatever desert you want from the brunch menu, but why would you NOT choose to have fresh fruit and homemade marshmallows to dip in chocolate fondue?

As we neared the end of our two hour time slot, we murmered about how incredible the food was and how stuffed we were. I don’t think we need dinner Tim said laughing as we left the restaurant. We got half a block down the street when the manager came running behind us. I turned, worried that somehow our card had been declined or maybe we left something behind, but no. “We have something for you,” he said breathlessly. “You waited six months to come here, we’re so sorry we forgot!” So we returned to the restaurant where they poured us some more prosecco and brought out a beautiful apple tart with “Happy birthday!” written in chocolate, and a candle stuck in a scoop of ice cream.

Profusely apologetic, the staff wished me a happy birthday. I couldn’t help but laugh because there was honestly no need to apologize. But that type of service, that delicious food, and wonderful atmosphere is why I can’t wait to return and why I urge you all to visit Heritage when you’re in London. It’s worth it!

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