Blogette #10: An Old Fashioned Weekend with Warner Leisure Hotels

From the first time I watched Dirty Dancing, I thought a summer away filled with games, activities and shows would be so fun. Kind of like an adult summer camp. Now a days we unfortunately (most of us) don’t have the leave time to take entire summers off the way they did back then, so I was excited to learn that there are still places that specialize in short breaks with similar themes. We experienced one this weekend and let me tell you, it was amazing.

From the moment I heard of Warner Leisure Hotels and their adults only atmosphere I was super stoked. Days at coastal villages or old manor houses with breakfast, dinner and entertainment provided, what didn’t sound awesome? When I looked more into it, I realized that the entertainment often consists of tributes to music of bygone eras including (but not limited to), Abba, the Beatles, Buddy Holly, and the The Four Seasons. Now for most people my age that wouldn’t be enticing at all, but for this vintage soul, I was all about it. I’ll put on Glenn Miller or Abba way before anything that has come out in 2020.

The WLH chain guarantees that you can either get your money back or reschedule your holiday should your trip be canceled due to lockdown or tier changes, illness, or self-isolation. The process to cancel and rebook is super easy and their staff on the phone lines are phenomenal.

Warner Leisure Hotels

Learning this, I was never under the impression we’d be surrounded by people our own age. In fact I knew going into it that we would be the youngest people there (and we were, besides the staff), but that didn’t disuade me. I was super excited to spend a weekend with people from other generations. In fact, I would venture to say I almost prefer it. I’m an old soul and clubs and bars haven’t ever been my thing.

With excitement of a relaxing weekend on the coast, we set out. When we arrived we learned just how much like those summer vacations of decades past this weekend would be. Upon check in we received a schedule for the weekend with not only live dinner and evening entertainment but activities scheduled all day long! We could choose to shoot air rifles, learn archery, catch a Christmas movie, watch a pantomime, play bingo or participate in a quiz. It was amazing. I had thought we’d need to find things to do in the surrounding areas between breakfast and dinner but that simply wasn’t the case at all. We only had one full day there and that was full of archery, rifle shooting, quizzes and bingo. We even caught the Little Red Riding Hood pantomime and sang and danced along to all the live music both nights we were there. As busy as the day was though, we still had ample down time to relax in our own little cabin.

Overall, it was the most amazing weekend. We had a great time feeling a little bit vintage. Don’t get me wrong, they have modern conveniences like wifi, live sports on the telly in the lounge area and even some fitness classes, but the tranquility was there. It was like we had stepped back in time to a simpler way of life and we felt truly relaxed at the end of it. While spending 48 hours in a new country eating different foods and seeing all the tourists spots is phenomenal, it always leaves me drained and I feel like I need a vacation after the vacation. But this weekend actually left me rejuvenated. If you’re looking for a recharge then I would definitely recommend the Warner Leisure hotel chain.

With locations all over England and I can’t wait to check out some of the other ones. Every weekend break features something different, even including murder mystery and comedy shows. I’m sure we’ll be back for more, especially in this time where we can’t travel internationally.

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