Picture Perfect Portmeirion

September flew by in the blink of an eye and if it’s any indication as to how this tour overseas is going to go, then I have a feeling we’ll be home in CA before we know it.

Less than 24 hours after returning from Finland, Tim and I popped down to Heathrow to pick up my dear friend Meghan. After a fun-filled weekend with Tim, Meghan and I headed off on a little girls trip to Wales.

Portmeirion fact 1-01.jpgWith no idea where to go in Wales or what to see, I took the advice of my British mum and booked us an Air B&B in Porthmadog, a quick drive away from the Picture Perfect Portmeirion. (I’m on an alliteration kick… can you tell?) And if you’ve never heard of Portmeirion or Porthmadog, you’re not alone… but like I did… take the advice now and add it to your travel bucket list.

Patrick McGoohan the star of The Prisoner

Portmeirion is a village unlike any I’ve ever been to. Envisioned and created by one man, Clough Williams-Ellis, a Welsh architect, Portmeirion was built between 1925 and 1939 with details being completed in a second period lasting from 1954-1976. Williams-Ellis wanted to create a village that enhanced the natural beauty of the land it was built on. The forests still stand tall around the heart of the village providing walking paths that look as if they house fairies. On the opposite end, sandy beaches line the edges of the village, ready for summer visitors. I’m unsure if Williams-Ellis was inspired by the Italian villages of Cinque Terre and Sorrento, but it’s definitely been liked to them. Colorful buildings with a mediterranean feel, if the weather is warm enough, you might just forget your so far North.

Unlike most towns and villages you would visit Italy, however, you must pay an entrance fee to visit this magical place. And honestly, at first I was a little taken aback and annoyed, but once I was there, I found it completely worth it. The funds go to upkeep and help maintain the picture perfect facade.  Not unlike Disneyland if you ask me. (But a lot cheaper to visit).

We decided to get there early so beat any crowds. I’m so glad we did because for the first 30-45 minutes it was as if the entire village was ours. It was so deliciously peaceful to walk around the nearly silent village. Everything looked so fresh and clean after a recent rain and the cloud cover made for nice photos.

Speaking of photos… that’s really honestly the biggest reason to go to Portmeirion. There are some cafeteria style restaurants, some ice cream places, some smaller stores to shop in and a spa that would have been fun to visit if we’d planned ahead. But other than that, it’s all about the beauty of the buildings and the surrounding beaches and forests. Really, you’re going to get the best instagram photos there, especially if you have the place to yourself like we did. I’ve been told that going on the off-season is best as it gets insanely crowded during the summer and it’s impossible to move. Which I can totally see happening because it wasn’t a very large village and we easily saw everything we wanted to in one day.

Honestly, this is one of those posts where I think it would be better told with photos, so I’m going to stop rambling on here and just show you guys some amazing shots from Portmeirion, because I know that’s what you all come for anyway. 😀

“Be Seeing You.”


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