Roma: A photo blog

Hello from the farm! It occurred to me the other day that while I include photos in my blogs about the places I go, I don’t share nearly the amount of photos I take on my travels. Given that I won’t be traveling any time soon, I thought now was the perfect time to share tons of photos so you all can experience a new place through my eyes. First up is Roma, my favorite city in the whole world. You can either scroll through the thumbnails or click on each image for a larger version. Hope you enjoy! Love from the farm.

It was an unbelievably hot week Zoe and I spent in Roma last summer, but oh what I wouldn’t give to be back there again. With a white hot sun beating down, the crystal blue sky stretched for miles above us, The Eternal City at our feet. I studied classical studies in college and am happiest when surrounded by Roman ruins, so we spent an entire day at the forum and the palatine hill. The colosseum has new rules that mean you need to make appointments for entrance before you arrive, not just skip the line with the Roma Pass like in years past so we just took photos outside. We did make reservations to get a Vatican tour and see St Paul’s cathedral but WOW was it busy. Even with out first thing in the morning tour, it was more crowded than I’ve been in a long time. I don’t think I will feel the need to venture back there again for a long time. Overall, though, I love Rome and it’s bustle. The food, the people, the history. It’s all so wonderful. If you haven’t been, or even if you have, I hope you enjoy seeing it through my eyes.

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